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The Night Comes For Us

If you like your plots complex and you enjoy only the mildest of fisticuffs you will unquestionably need to look somewhere else. Netflix’s The Night Comes For Us is part of a new breed of martial arts films that takes pleasure in using a simplistic premise to cram in the most intense action possible. With enough blood to fill a lake, an abundance of close quarters skirmishes, and some impressive weapon improvisation this film knows what it is and it has no reason to hold back.

Revenge – Best Served Bloody

The film opens on a harrowing scene of a seaside village slaughtered by gang members. As the mangled bodies of the towns people litter the sand, a young girl in the distance kneels as her family is killed by a firing squad. Soon the gunmen spot the lone survivor but not before their boss turns up and takes aim at the innocent himself aiming down the sights of his rifle before a timely blackout. In the very next scene the man is unarmed, bleeding and escorting the girl to a safehouse. Unsurprisingly the people who ordered the hit aren’t happy and now want him dead along with the girl. These first twenty minutes of the film may seem a little slow as they set up the story, but it isn’t long until things become explosive.

Taking Punishment

Before long the apartment’s location is compromised and the action begins, showing us the mess that can be made in extremely close quarters. With bodies cramming through the doorway flailing blades around things get hairy fast. The heroes of the film are fortunately resilient and take on the huge mass of force systematically using quick punches, sharp objects and blunt force in rapid succession, but not without taking a few hits themselves. With all the intense violence we can see our heroes tiring but pushing themselves to keep defending the little girl they barely know. As the onslaught continues it’s clear thee good guys have taken quite a beating as everyone is eventually soaked in crimson. With the film climaxing on the lengthy final fight, the endurance of the characters becomes extreme as we see them go far beyond battered and bruised and into unreal levels of perseverance.

Stand-Out Savagery
Stand-Out Savagery

Stand-Out Savagery

As well as taking an innumerable amount of damage, Ito the protagonist is one for making the best of the dire situations he is in. Here we get some unforgettable fights that occur in locations like an armoured truck, a warehouse and of course the messy brawl at the butchers. Fans of over the top gore will love some of the kills here that include some laughably gratuitous bloodshed as well as some wince-inducing blows. Knowing that each fight is to the death the brawlers here are masters of fighting on the fly utilising everything from hunks of wood to strips of clothing, stools to air conditioners, all in an effort to quickly dispatch their opponents. The Night Comes For Us is close combat messy fun that keeps you entertained with its dramatic camera angles, fountains of arterial fluid and maddening stamina.