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Conor McGregor And His Master

When Conor McGregor’s had to fight against undefeated world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, the worldwide media covered this fight with the title of the battle of the century. The fighting styles of these two athlets are very different. So the major part of enthusiasts denied a chance for McGregor. But the fans looked forward to seeing the battle of two stars. When do you experience such a struggle of the giants and that in two completely different martial arts? But as it turned out, the summit was above all a payday for the two protagonists. The enormous worldwide interest brought a lot of money in the betting offices and made the two fighters even richer.

Half A Billion Dollar In Sales

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t nicknamed money for anything. For his 50th fight, he came up with something extraordinary. The unusual battle took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. But already on site, the organizers had to find out that the financial trees are not growing into the sky. Instead of the possible 20,000 spectators, only around 13,000 came who were willing to pay ticket prices between 500 and 10,000 dollars. On American television, the pay-TV broadcast was $ 100. Showtime sold 4.3 million tickets for $ 430 million. That put the fight in second place in the list of best-selling Pay Per Views behind the fight Mayweather against Pacquiao.

Massive Exchanges For The Boxers

That had captivated 4.6 million viewers in front of the screens. Numerous sponsors paid good money for the appearance. These included well-known brands such as Beats by Dr. Dre and Reebok. Mayweather is said to have made around $ 20 million just with advertising on his clothing. For the fight itself, the world champion received a purse of 100 million dollars, his opponent Conor McGregor received only 30 million. But apparently, the fighters also got money from the sales. According to business magazine Forbes, Mayweather came to an incredible $ 275 million, McGregor to 85 million. The total turnover of the fight was around $ 500 million.

An Unequal Fight Ends As Expected

The fight itself was not very spectacular. It ended as many experts had previously predicted. Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in the tenth round by a technical knockout. He celebrated his 50th victory in his 50th professional fight. Once, the boxing world champion had landed several massive hits in the tenth round. McGregor didn’t go down, but he swayed precariously. Thereupon the referee broke off the unequal duel. The Irishman started the fight very cautiously. His tactic didn’t work, as Mayweather gradually took command. He waited in a controlled manner for his chances and seized them immediately. With this success, Mayweather even passed the record of the legendary heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano. He resigned in 1955 after his 49th victory. Earlier this year, Floyd Mayweather hinted at a rematch. The public excitement was tremendous. The promoters did not confirm anything yet, but the enormous sums of money make a second fight at least conceivable.

An Unequal Fight Ends As Expected
An Unequal Fight Ends As Expected