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Strangest Martial Arts Styles Part 3

Dambe This martial arts started with a group you may not expect to master a sports technique – butchers, groups of them would challenge one another in West Africa and so the fighting style known as Dambe came about. What makes this style noticeably different is that this boxing style occurs out in the street […]

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Strangest Martial Arts Styles Part 2

Tai Chi If you’ve ever seen a group of elderly people in a park all standing in odd poses and pushing their hands back and forth a lot, you may not have known that they were practicing a martial art at all. This is the ancient Chinese technique of Tai Chi, one of the most […]

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Strangest Martial Arts Styles Part 1

Martial arts are a part of a culture’s heritage along with its fine art and architecture, cooking and social norms. What makes these so different is that unlike creating bonds with others martial arts harbour an attitude of hostility or at the very least the idea that you may be attacked. Because of this many […]

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