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Tropes Of Martial Arts Films

Martial Arts films have changed quite dramatically over the last decade or so, moving away from the standardised cookie cutter action flick to including memorable stories and likeable characters other than the protagonist. For a long time, martial arts films were made by a handful of studios which practiced the same techniques repeatedly. Although this […]

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The Night Comes For Us

If you like your plots complex and you enjoy only the mildest of fisticuffs you will unquestionably need to look somewhere else. Netflix’s The Night Comes For Us is part of a new breed of martial arts films that takes pleasure in using a simplistic premise to cram in the most intense action possible. With […]

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A Look at Into the Badlands Part 2

A World with No Guns You may have already questioned the logic of several action films where characters have spent the last hour shooting at each other, suddenly the last act culminates in a hand to hand scrap for no reason. This inconsistency can take you out of it and is often lazily achieved by […]

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A Look at Into the Badlands Part 1

Although television seems to be outperforming big screen blockbusters when it comes to wrangling in big crowds for the long haul, one genre that remains rare on TV is martial arts. Though investigative thrillers (CSI), period dramas (Downton Abbey) and even hard fantasy (Game of Thrones) shows manage to run almost without end; despite their […]

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5 Reasons to Take Up Martial Arts

Self Defence This is probably one of the most popular reasons for people to take up martial arts. Karate, Judo, Jeet Kune Do and more all offer great practice in self defence which will teach you how to protect yourself in the event of an assault. Though not all martial arts are about fighting, combat […]

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The Greatest Martial Artists on Screen Part 3

Jet Li A young martial arts expert right off the bat, this prodigy shot to fame in China as he toppled opponents in Wushu tournaments, notably winning as a twelve year old against opponents in their mid to late twenties. From here on in people were eager to see what he could do next and […]

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The Greatest Martial Artists On Screen Part 2

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen Well versed in many styles of martial arts Donnie Yen has since brought his talents to the screen several times one impressive movie at a time. Working his way up in the movie industry in the 90’s Yen put in some good time on sets to know his way around films, since he […]

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The Greatest Martial Artists on Screen Part 1

Steven Seagal

The martial arts are sacred and historical practices that come from experts in the field who slowly and surely train new followers in their diverse ways. As far as Hollywood is concerned though the martial arts are a film genre that has had a huge and lasting following for several decades and one which doesn’t […]

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Strangest Martial Arts Styles Part 3


Dambe This martial arts started with a group you may not expect to master a sports technique – butchers, groups of them would challenge one another in West Africa and so the fighting style known as Dambe came about. What makes this style noticeably different is that this boxing style occurs out in the street […]

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Strangest Martial Arts Styles Part 2


Tai Chi If you’ve ever seen a group of elderly people in a park all standing in odd poses and pushing their hands back and forth a lot, you may not have known that they were practicing a martial art at all. This is the ancient Chinese technique of Tai Chi, one of the most […]

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