Aikido is a non-violent martial art. For many people outside Aikido, it is a new and surprising idea that physical practice with opponents is important in training yourself to receive opponents peacefully. Aikido techniques go along with the flow of the attack to control the attacker, ideally protecting the attacker from harm and ending the confrontation as peacefully as possible. In Aikido, we repeatedly make the mental and physical adjustments necessary to replace fight-or-flight aggression and fear with calmness, inner strength and compassion. Through training, we gradually overcome the human body's aggressive reflexes. Training makes a peaceful reaction our default response in times of stress, conflict, or attack.

"Peace is relatively easy to reach when there's no pressure. But people are facing more pressure today than ever, whether that takes the form of financial strain, emotional stress or something else. Aikido can help us adjust ourselves to harmonize with the world around us, including the pressures we face, and in doing so change the world we touch." Jeff Kato